Ageing bodies get moving for Young Minds!

On Friday 24th September, the team at Eton Bridge Partners spent 8 hours walking 21 miles through the Berkshire and Surrey scenery. “Why would you all give yourselves blisters for fun?” I hear you ask?

A) Believe it or not…we actually like spending time with each other! Having grown our headcount by 25% throughout the pandemic, it is extremely important to us as a company that we can all spend time together away from technology in a social setting.
B) 21 miles signifies the 2021 year of the Pandemic; a year which has been troublesome yet also positive for so many. Charities have been under huge pressure during this period, particularly across mental health and families; we therefore wanted to positively support an incredible charity – Young Minds.
C) As a brand that embraces wellbeing, collaboration, and people this was the perfect opportunity to come together and challenge ourselves, whilst also raising money for a great cause.

Having gone through the challenges of remote working together at the same time as a period of significant growth, we wanted to bring everyone together to solidify our culture whilst supporting a great cause.

A walk is all-inclusive; personal physical constraints can be accounted for….we can walk and talk without exasperating our lungs whilst also appreciating the beautiful scenery which we often forget is right on our doorstep!