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Do you have what it takes to be an Olympian in business?

By Rachelle Peard. Published on 14 November 2011

With London 2012 fast approaching, there was an Olympic theme to Eton Bridge Partners’ recent breakfast seminar, held on November 9th.

Not only was it held at Eton College Rowing Centre at Dorney Lake, near Windsor, which will host the rowing events for London 2012, but the guest speaker was Chris Shambrook, sports psychologist to the GB Olympic Rowing Team for London 2012 and Performance Director of K2 Performance Systems.

Entitled ‘Why you’d be better at what you do…if you were an Olympian’, Chris drew on his vast sporting and coaching experiences and compared the different approaches between being a top level sports performer and achieving business excellence.

The difference, he said, was that sportsmen and women are obsessed with performing, whereas business men and women are obsessed with goals, results and output.

In an engaging and humorous talk, he looked at the vital components of success – not just tactical and technical skills, but the other elements needed to achieve a more complete core performance.

He talked about the need for a forensic approach, a clear focus on processes and goals and knowing what needs to be done to achieve those goals. And he provided tips and advice on how to be properly prepared to win.

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