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Is your leadership team adaptable to change?

By Ashton Ward. Published on 4 July 2016

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives, it is the one that is most adaptable to change” Charles Darwin.

This quote, which recently appeared on my newsfeed, seems particularly timely and relevant given the ambiguity that has been presented to us by the nation’s decision to Brexit. Instead of focusing on doomsday predictions about the potential negative impacts of the decision, shouldn’t we be looking to adapt positively to the new opportunities that present themselves?

Former CBI Chief, Lord Digby Jones has said that we should make the most of our new found freedom and that Brexit has allowed the UK to become more open to the world.

I agree…

It’s important for us to come together as optimists to seek out new opportunities with confidence.

Former Chief Economic Advisor to Boris Johnson (when he was Mayor of London), Dr Gerard Lyons, also argues that there is a positive economic case for Brexit, despite short-term falls in the stock markets.

“It is about playing to our economic strengths and positioning the UK to succeed in a changing, growing global economy. “

“Some are doubting our ability to succeed but we will. I have described the outlook as being like a ‘Nike swoosh’. There may be some near-term challenges but as the fifth biggest economy in the world, we should be positive about what lies ahead. Outside the EU we can play to our strengths, be innovative and think globally. “

“Markets have fallen before only to recover strongly again.”

People are the most important asset in any business – a cliché perhaps, but nevertheless true. And it’s worth asking yourself some straight questions about your people at a time like this. Have you got a leadership team that can adapt and respond to the dynamic market? Are your team members working together to adapt to change and seeking new opportunities?

Strong, confident leadership is needed in periods of uncertainty. Let’s all take a positive view of the world, adapt to change and grasp the opportunities that lie ahead!

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Ashton Ward


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