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If The Price is right ... time to move on

By Rachelle Peard. Published on 3 September 2014

More cash-rich industries are leading the way

Long-suffering game show fans will recognise the title of this popular series and I make no apology for borrowing it because, as the post-holiday tan starts to fade and the autumn term settles down to business, there’s increasing evidence of some serious salary deals on the table.

It’s a change from the last six years, where the client driven recruitment market has dictated the packages on offer and few have been brave enough to push the boundaries.

What we’re seeing now is a gradual return towards a more candidate-focused market, where those looking for new roles have more choice and are definitely being more selective about their next move.

Post-recession, organisations are dusting off their expansion plans and investing in new markets and products, but to really grab those opportunities, they need to ensure they have the right skills on board, which is why the market is changing.

Over the last month alone, we’ve seen several cases where companies have offered well above expected salary packages to ensure they snap up individuals who they consider to be the very best fit for their business.

Leading the way are those industries which are traditionally more cash rich – such as healthcare, oil and gas, technology – but the others are not far behind.

In part, this is being driven by a shortage of really good people, those who we would consider to be “spot on” for particular roles.

Outstanding experience, sector (and sub-sector) knowledge and excellent cultural fit are undoubtedly the criteria most in demand and top of the list is the ability to deliver almost instant success.

For that, businesses are prepared to go the extra mile to get the person they want and they don’t want to compromise. They are also well aware that if they don’t offer an attractive package, then close behind will be a competitor only too willing to be more creative in the money stakes.

In short, if a move is on your agenda before the door closes on 2014, then your timing couldn’t be better.

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