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Why there’s a ‘homecoming’ trend for the UK this summer

By Mark Craddock. Published on 15 April 2015

UK businesses are attracting global expertise, says Mark Craddock, who specialises in senior finance and CFO appointments at Eton Bridge Partners.

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One of the notable trends in the market at the moment is the ‘homecoming’ – the return of people who headed to foreign shores during the recession and now want to relocate back to the UK.

Thanks to the strength of the British economy versus ongoing weaknesses in the Eurozone and elsewhere, they are able to take advantage of excellent opportunities as companies seek to hire and move forward with their business plans.

For many people, the return home is translating into exciting career prospects. This is especially true for those accountants with more commercial business expertise. Right now there is plenty of interest in talented individuals with good FP&A and commercial finance experience, as well as business analysts.

London: the global city 

Of course, it’s not only those who are from the UK who want to work here again. The recent rise in immigration figures shows that the UK offers better living standards and greater opportunities for many in the finance world. After all, London now has 300,000 French citizens, making it France’s ‘sixth largest city’.

All of which means that now could well be the time for international CIMA members to consider a move.

The only slight cloud on the horizon is the forthcoming election. Businesses like certainty, and there is some short term nervousness around the prospect of another hung Parliament and what that might mean for the economy.

The timing of a possible EU referendum will depend on which parties make up a coalition in the next government. Potentially there could even be another vote on Scotland’s independence if the Scottish National Party have anything to do with it.

Most business people I speak to would much rather be in the EU than out of it. You have to ask yourself whether, at a time when the global stage is effectively shrinking, we should really be looking to detach ourselves from our neighbours across the English Channel.

Mark Craddock specialises in senior finance and CFO appointments at Eton Bridge Partners. Should you wish to contact him directly, please email him at mark.craddock@etonbridgepartners.com

Mark Craddock


Mark leads the executive search CFO & Finance Practice at Eton Bridge Partners. His personal area of focus is handling retained mandates to recruit permanent CFOs and their direct reports across the UK, Europe, and increasingly globally.