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A Psychologically Healthy Workplace

Mental Wellbeing Event Summary

It’s been five years since Eton Bridge Partners hosted its first external mental wellbeing discussion and we are proud to have played a part in driving the conversation forward. Year on year this event brings evolving and more diverse perspectives on this subject to our network within the HR community and beyond. At Eton Bridge, we have also been passionately working hard to build an internal culture where our people can thrive and be themselves.

We were delighted to be able to hold their 5th Annual Mental Wellbeing Event in person, where we discussed the role of leadership in mental wellbeing and its relationship with organisational performance in October at The RSA in London.

Your psychologically healthy workplace

Top tips from our panel:

1. Create an environment where it’s ok to ask for help
2. Don’t just focus on what you deliver, it’s equally important to examine how you deliver it
3. All leaders should learn how to listen and how to coach their team
4. Don’t tolerate high performing jerks, because they create a toxic culture in the organisation from which you can never go back
5. If you’re not prepared to speak out, you instantly become part of the problem. Be accountable.