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Shifting to Stakeholder Capitalism: Beyond Virtue Signalling to Viable Impact

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Article published in Executive Talent, the global magazine from AESC, featuring Louise Chaplin, Head of Eton Bridge Partners’ Board practice.

We are entering the era of stakeholder capitalism. What do we mean by that? Lutfey Siddiqi, Managing Director at the CFA Institute and a visiting professor in practice at the London School of Economics describes the shift in corporate leadership “from an allegiance to a single stakeholder—shareholders—to a multi-stakeholder approach,” which requires corporations “to be mindful of their impact, positive and negative, on the environment, on employees, on the societies that they operate in.”

“All of those things need to be considered,” Siddiqi says. “That is the ethos of stakeholder capitalism.”

The article covers the role of business in society and how it is becoming greater than its goods, services and economic impact – including:

  • The state of stakeholder capitalism today
  • Stakeholder focus, risk and resiliency
  • The role of the influencer
  • Is stakeholder capitalism here to stay?

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