CFO Pathways report 2022

Eton Bridge Partners are delighted to present the findings of research into 1,213 CFOs who have been appointed across the UK and Europe. We hope the statistics, analysis, and conclusions in this white paper are useful to individuals across the UK and Europe’s C-suite landscape.

We believe there are two key audiences for whom the findings of this research will be of particular interest. People who aspire to reach the position of Chief Financial Officer will get some useful clues to the best path to follow. Companies that are about to begin their search for a new CFO will also derive a great deal of value from our findings and analysis.

This report is powered by a leader in global people intelligence space, BoardEx. They specialise in relationship mapping and intelligence, to analyse some core data on the profile of CFOs and their career pathway. This included CFO data from over 850 companies, collated on the UK and European appointments to Chief Financial Officer in 2020 and 2021.


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