Accelerating towards the future workplace

Reading Time: 4 minutes The global pandemic has thrown a spotlight on how and where we work and accelerated the rate of change of workplace transformation. Our most recent webinar looked at how businesses […]

An ESG reckoning is coming: reporting vs implementation

Reading Time: 6 minutes Unsurprisingly, we are facing a shift in ESG as investors seek to invest in companies that are able to navigate and provide solutions to an ever-changing list of challenges. Louise […]

The future of digital: enabling the CEO for growth

Reading Time: 5 minutes The digital economy is advancing and transforming rapidly across every market segment and organisation. Faced with such a relentless pace of digital innovation, boards face the challenge of staying agile […]

The importance of a CMO and Digital in today’s world

Reading Time: 4 minutes Our panellists, two great thought leaders in the industry: Ritchie Mehta, the CEO of the School of Marketing and Mark Evans, Managing Director, Marketing & Digital at Direct Line Group, […]

ESG, Board responsibility and the impact of Covid

Reading Time: 4 minutes Eton Bridge partners recently hosted a webinar in partnership with NEDA (the Non-Executive Director’s Association) to discuss the growing importance of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) on the Board agenda […]