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Non-Disclosure Agreement (Candidate)


  • This Agreement is entered into as of the date of your acceptance by signing or e-signing below (“Effective Date”), between you (“Candidate”) and Eton Bridge Partners Limited (“Eton Bridge Partners”), also collectively referred to as the “Parties”.
  • If you accept the terms of this agreement via email we will take the date of your email as the date of your acceptance and the role referred to in Clause 2 will be deemed to be the role specified in that email.


    1. I confirm my interest in exploring the assignments Eton Bridge Partners are managing on behalf of their clients.
    2. I give consent to Eton Bridge Partners to represent me and submit my details to the client for the position of <Position>, Job reference.
    3. Eton Bridge Partners will operate as an employment agency in relation to me and will use my details solely for the purpose of evaluating my suitability for the position above and facilitating the recruitment process.
    4. I undertake to keep secret and confidential all information and documents of whatever nature including (without limitation) the name of the client and the nature of the positions which may be furnished to me by Eton Bridge Partners, whether orally or in writing (“Confidential Information”) and only to use Confidential Information for the purpose of exploring the opportunity of obtaining a position through Eton Bridge Partners. Upon the commencement of this Agreement and throughout its existence, all provisions herein shall remain in effect, except that the name of the client and the nature of the position shall no longer be considered Confidential Information once an appointment is made and in accordance with any client-imposed constraints. However, under no circumstances will I divulge Confidential Information or any details regarding clients (including their identities) or the roles to any competitor of Eton Bridge Partners.
    5. I shall not, without obtaining your prior written consent disclose or reveal the Confidential Information to any other party.
    6. If discussions terminate without my obtaining the position, the obligations set out above shall remain in force until such time as the confidential information becomes publicly known or enters the public domain through lawful means. In addition, I shall uphold the confidentiality of the disclosed confidential information for a period of 3 years from the date of its disclosure, or until the information becomes publicly known through lawful means, whichever comes first.
    7. The furnishing of Confidential Information will not constitute an offer by you, nor the basis of any contract nor a representation which may be relied upon by me.
    8. Neither you nor your advisers accept responsibility for, or make any representation (express or implied) with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the Confidential Information provided except as is agreed in a written contract.
    9. Any Confidential Information obtained will not be used directly or indirectly in competition with the interests of Eton Bridge Partners or otherwise than in connection with the purposes outlined in Clause 3 above.
    10. I acknowledge that any breach by me of the terms of this undertaking will entitle Eton Bridge Partners or their advisors to apply immediately to the Courts for an injunction to prevent further disclosure without prejudice to any further rights or remedies which may be available to Eton Bridge Partners or their advisers.

This Agreement shall be construed according to the laws of England and Wales and any dispute hereunder settled according to those laws. Furthermore, both Parties agree to submit any dispute hereunder to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.