Meet Becky

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Becky manages day-to-day operations at Eton Bridge Partners. She is an advocate of continuous improvement and seeks to provide joined-up ways of working across the business. She enjoys running projects as they always give the opportunity to learn something new. Previously an Executive Assistant and a Researcher at Eton Bridge Partners, she has first-hand experience across multiple functional areas that gives a unique insight into the business.

Prior to joining Eton Bridge Partners Becky worked as a Stage Manager in the theatre industry. In her free time, she is learning Italian and enjoys reading, playing the piano and listening to classical music.

Joined the EBP team in 2016

Proud moment

I have recently started to teach piano and passing Prince II was another proud moment.

Favourite era

If I could travel to any era, I would choose the Georgian era because I love the subtlety of the social politics of the day and Austen’s commentaries on that… plus I think I would have made an excellent Georgian-era lady (piano playing / singing / reading / sewing / languages / long walks)!