Darnell Stangroom

Executive Assistant, Interim Management, Finance Practice

+44 (0)20 8059 4443 darnell.stangroom @etonbridgepartners.com
Darnell Stangroom

Meet Darnell

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After studying hospitality management in Cape Town, South Africa, Darnell got a job on a cruise line as a Stewardess. Over the two years spent on the ship, Darnell learnt so much about different types of people from all over the world. She then decided to get a one-way ticket to the UK and hoped for the best!


Outside of work, Darnell enjoys reading self-development books and going to the gym. On the weekends, (when it’s not raining) she (sometimes) enjoys a morning walk, followed by a coconut latte.

Joined the EBP team in 2023

Darnell Stangroom personal image watching a sunset

Proud moment

When I got my job on the cruise ship and I knew I was going to see the world.

Darnell Stangroom personal image with wild elephants

Most memorable day

When I visited my little brother in the hospital after he was born. I remember this so clearly because of his alien-shaped head.