Meet Huma

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Huma has a background predominantly in Commercial and Contract Management, but her skillset also extends to Account Management, Finance, Supply Chain, Payroll, Project Management, Marketing, Event Management, Customer Service, and even Sales Support. Huma’s career has provided experience in various industries including Financial Services (Big 4), Civil Engineering, Recruitment, Electronics and Imaging, IT Cloud-based services, and Health Care.

She prides herself on organisational skills as well as a thirst for knowledge, which has always driven her to explore different job functions and industries.

Huma decided to take a career break after her second child to raise her family. 5 years on and four kids richer, her world was complete! So she decided to venture back to work whilst maintaining a work-life balance and found her flair for Office Management.

In her spare time, Huma enjoys bike riding, travelling with friends, socialising, reading, and shopping (although a rarity these days with four young children)! More often, Huma looks forward to planning family days out. Her friends would probably describe Huma as the ‘life and soul’ of the party, which (contrary to popular belief) is ironic considering Huma doesn’t like being the centre of attention.

Joined the EBP team in 2023

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Proud moment

Needless to say, I have 4!

In addition, back in 2009, I successfully completed a 32km hike for charity over 2 days, around Snowdonia,  whilst fasting during Ramadan (yes, I just about lived to tell the tale!).

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Childhood aspirations

When I was younger, one of my (many) dream jobs was to become a Judge. I still love a court room drama! But I’ve since settled for SuperMum! Which in all fairness, isn’t that far behind from the role of Lord Chief Justice!