Transformation delivered: stories from the front line – Episode 3

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In this series, we dive deep into the world of business transformation and change, exploring the challenges and triumphs of real people who have worked on the front line of incredible transformations and achieved outstanding results, whilst learning many valuable lessons they learned along the way.

Our highly experienced Business Consulting team works closely with our clients as ‘one team’ to deliver better and more sustainable business results through transformation.

In our latest Q&A,we talk to Kunjal Haria and Mitul Patel, both part of Eton Bridge Partners’ Business Consulting team, about their extensive experience in delivering successful finance transformation, and some of the lessons learned along the way.


Kunjal Haria & Mitul Patel - Finance Transformation


Kunjal Haria has been delivering Finance Transformation for over 20 years and has worked with Eton Bridge for 10 of those years. An ACA accountant, he spent the first half of his career at Ernst & Young, IBM and Accenture. He’s currently leading a global finance SSC/GBS and ERP programme for Eton Bridge Consulting.

Mitul Patel has over 20 years’ experience delivering Finance Transformation. A qualified Accountant he’s delivered complex finance transformation and ERP for global clients including Takeda, Westcon, and Cushman & Wakefield. He was an Executive Director at UBS and a Management Consultant at Ernst & Young.

Mitul has worked with Eton Bridge for 6 years, most recently leading an international GBS restructuring programme and implementing a Finance TOM for a global EB Consulting client.


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