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Elaine Grell: Inclusivity Matters, Eton Bridge Partners Series

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Episode 2: Elaine Grell


Elaine Grell, Global HR Director and Chief People Officer, has worked in HR for over 20 years in organisations such as British Airways, InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) and The Collective.

Elaine is passionate about people and is a Trustee for The Springboard Charity – helping young people achieve their potential. She is a mentor for aspiring HRDs at the CIPD, as well as a mentor for WiHTL – Women in Hospitality, Travel and Leisure.

Elaine shares her experiences with Gavita Phull, Partner within our Executive Search Finance practice, of growing up in Preston, Lancashire to parents who came over from the Caribbean in the 1950s who were often in the ethnic minority. Elaine and her 4 siblings were raised solely by her mother, who shaped who she is today and is a huge inspiration to her. Elaine started her career at 16 in a Travel Agency straight from high school, then when she was 18, British Airways offered her a job in London which laid the foundation of her impressive career as a senior HR professional and mother of two.


Surround yourself with people who are different so you can learn from them and appreciate difference..

*Since the recording of this interview, very sadly The Collective have gone into administration citing reduced occupancy levels caused by the pandemic.


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