CSR policy

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Eton Bridge Partners – Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

As a responsible business, Eton Bridge Partners believe that the long-term future of the organisation is best served by respecting the interests of all our stakeholders: Employees, clients, candidates, suppliers and the wider community. We actively look for opportunities to improve the environment and to contribute to the wellbeing of the communities in which we trade. Our CSR policy sets out the principles we follow and the programmes we have developed to focus on the areas where we have significant impact or influence.


We will take all reasonable steps to manage our operations so as to minimise our environmental impact and to promote good environmental practice. We’ll review regularly our business practices and performance to identify how we can improve our energy efficiency and minimise waste.


We will build relationships with our clients, candidates, suppliers and the local communities. We will work with local charitable and voluntary organisations to put this into practice. We will update our website for reasons of transparency.


We will conduct our business relationships with integrity and respect our trading commitments. Our aim is to build long-term relationships with all. We are committed to trading fairly with all of our clients, candidates and suppliers.


We will respect our employees and encourage their development and training. We will promote equality as differences in responsibilities permit and consider the interests of our employees including their welfare, health and safety. We aim to empower our employees and we will recognise individual contributions and reward everyone fairly.

As a minimum, we will meet or exceed all relevant legislation. Where no legislation exists we will seek to develop and implement our own appropriate standards.