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Our social impact

Relationships really are at the heart of all we do and that starts with our own team. Regular company days, wellbeing and ‘Giving Something Back’ initiatives bring everyone together to create a sense of purpose and belonging.

Our four key areas of Giving Back, enabling Wellbeing, supporting Inclusion and Diversity, and being conscious about our Environment and sustainability, show that commitment.




We promote a culture of care to support the physical and mental wellbeing of all our people, which impacts everyday interactions as well as bigger initiatives.

Our thriving wellbeing team initiate some amazing projects all year round to make sure our people are supported. From flexible working through to encouraging ‘walkie-talkies’ and training Mental Health First Aiders from across the business, we know it’s the little things that make a difference.

EBP team photo around a water fountain, a summers day, from a birdseye view

Giving Back

At Eton Bridge, we believe in a responsibility that goes beyond business success; it’s about shaping a better future for everyone.

Our Giving Back agenda lies at the heart of our organisation. The care and passion which underpins our culture also drives us to make a difference in the local community and with initiatives to support disadvantaged communities across the UK and around the world. We firmly believe that creating a positive impact is a collective effort. All employees have two ‘Giving back’ days each year to support charities of their choice.

As a business, Eton Bridge has chosen 3 core charities, contributing to communities across the UK and globally to reflect the footprint of our network. We’re proud to partner with Alma Beacon in Windsor, SOS – Silence of Suicide, and Street Child United.

EBP team completing a charity walk for Street Child United, in Windsor on the Long Walk

Inclusion & Diversity

We value diversity in all its forms and believe strongly in the powerful impact of empowering individuals to bring their whole selves to work.

We are very proud of our inclusive culture, celebrating our individual differences. Our Inclusion & Diversity Ambassador group led by passionate volunteers from across the business continues to challenge our own thinking and bias.

We recognise that diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences fuel creativity and lead to better decision-making.

Diverse group from EBP team, in kitchen, reviewing a piece of work over a laptop

Environment & Sustainability

We’re working towards reducing our impact upon the environment and to towards more sustainable solutions for our business.

Our Environmental & Sustainability team underpin our commitment to a greener organisation. Both as a business and as a group of individuals, we look for ways to improve our care of the planet. As a business we measure our carbon footprint and set targets to reduce it.

We encourage our employees to consider their impact upon the environment also, by giving them the tools and knowledge to make a difference and by empowering them to be involved in environmental and sustainability initiatives throughout the year.

Multiple people in a garden, EBP community, giving back day at a local school.

Our impact so far

We’re passionate about positively impacting the lives and wellbeing of so many individuals. Through our initiatives, we have already achieved significant milestones:

  • Giving Back: regular charity donations through fundraising and financial support, volunteering, and contributing food and personal supplies.
  • Giving Back: raised over £70,000 for Street Child United through our partnership with ISP and continuous fundraising for their World Cup events.
  • Giving Back: supported Street Child World Cup events ‘on the ground’ by sending four volunteers from our team to Doha and Chennai.
  • Wellbeing: regular volunteering sessions within the Windsor Community, working with the Homeless Project and Foodshare.
  • Wellbeing: transforming a sensory garden at a Children’s Centre, planting trees and bulbs within a local Primary school’s grounds and offering careers guidance at ‘Learning to Work’ sessions in schools, and our annual Summer Internship programme.
  • Environmental & Sustainability: We operate green kitchens and bathrooms free from disposables, and our buildings are gas-free and use green energy tariffs with energy-efficient HVAC and lighting systems.
  • Environmental & Sustainability: We have EV charging points and bike storage to promote cycling and electric vehicles.

Our partnerships

Black Woman in HR log - group of black woman in business suits
Alma Beacon logo EBP charity partner
SOS Silence of Suicide logo
Street Child United coloured logo

Let’s make a difference together

We know that our network consists of diverse and talented individuals who share our passion for making a positive change. Please get in touch to share your innovative ideas on how a business like ours can give back to the community in meaningful and sustainable ways.

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Organisational culture cannot merely be words and good intentions – authenticity comes about through actions that impact meaningfully on people’s lives. Our values are not just words on a wall; they are how we behave, they are what we do.

Steve Deverill Managing Partner