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We are passionate about bringing people together, making connections and opening dialogue. That’s why we host a series of podcasts to share stories, insights and experiences from across our network on a variety of different topics. These podcasts are available here along with recordings from some of our previous events.

New series, The secrets of leading the people side of change

In this podcast series, we’ll be chatting to a number of senior leaders from many walks of life who will be sharing the real secrets to successfully navigating big change and how they led the people side of it.

Leading people through a business change is a multifaceted task that involves strategic planning, effective communication, and adept leadership, ensuring each person within the organisation is taken on the journey.

We will be exploring this topic from different perspectives, taking into account the best thinking from business, psychology, coaching and leadership. With change and transformation now being the norm in our operating environments, it’s critical for organisations to rethink their change capabilities and more importantly, how they best need the human and emotional side of change.

Series 1, Inclusivity Matters

Series 2, Women in Leadership

Series 3, CFO Stories

Series 4, Transformation delivered: stories from the front line

In this series, we dive deep into the world of business transformation and change, exploring the challenges and triumphs of real people who have worked on the front line of incredible transformations and achieved outstanding results, whilst learning many valuable lessons they learned along the way.

We talk to some of the Business Consulting team about their extensive experience in delivering successful transformation and some of the lessons learned along the way.

Event Series

Eton Bridge Partners host many events; from small roundtables, to large scale panel discussions where we invite our network to join us at these discussions. Catch up on our past events below.