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Women in Leadership – Episode 2: Perfectionism

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Kat Stewart, Partner within the HR Practice at Eton Bridge Partners is joined by Cecilie Soendergaard Nielsen, executive coach and founder of the leadership consultancy CN8, to discuss perfectionism in the workplace for women, and to discuss a few of the main issues female leaders encounter in their rise to more senior positions in the workplace.

Cecilie has an impressive track record of working with senior leaders to identify and change the dynamics that stand in the way of delivery and progress. With a special interest in supporting women in senior leadership positions, Cecilie is an advocate for diversity in leadership, and has extensive experience with issues surrounding female leadership in traditionally male-dominated industries.

As an executive search, interim management and consulting firm, we are in a privileged position of being able to meet many senior leaders across lots of different organisations in the UK, as well as internationally. Through these conversations, we have identified that women in leadership roles struggle to change themselves to fit a ‘mould’ of what they feel is expected of them, often questioning themselves, pushing themselves harder and often never quite feeling ‘enough’. Despite the progress made in recent years, with females in senior leadership roles, there’s still work to do.


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