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Daniel Kasmir & Rob Bray: Inclusivity Matters – Social Mobility – Eton Bridge Partners Series

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Episode 5 – Inclusivity matters: A spotlight on social mobility

In this episode, we shine a spotlight on social mobility.

Helping to improve social mobility is hugely important. We believe that every person, irrespective of their background, should be able to achieve their full potential.

For those who are new to the subject, social mobility refers to change in a person’s socio-economic situation, either in relation to their parents and wider family (inter-generational mobility) or throughout their lifetime (intra-generational mobility).

Social mobility is linked to equality of opportunity: the extent to which people have the same chances to do well in life regardless of the socio-economic background of their parents, their gender, age, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, birthplace, or other circumstances beyond their control.

Research has shown that people from disadvantaged backgrounds have fewer opportunities to climb the socio-economic ladder. In European OECD countries, children with the greatest socio-economic disadvantage grow up to earn as much as 20% less as adults than those with more favourable childhoods. Across OECD countries, it takes nearly five generations for children from low-income families to approach the average income in their country.

In addition, round 65% of working-age OECD citizens worry they won’t be as financially secure as their parents; an almost equal share fear their children will be even less secure. We also know that people who are most concerned about their chances in life are also less happy and feel less represented in politics.

Which brings us to the podcast; Olivia Sharp, Partner within the Executive Search, Human Resources Practice at Eton Bridge Partners, talks with Daniel Kasmir and Rob Bray, to discuss how the corporate world can promote and secure equality of opportunity.

Daniel Kasmir is Chief People and Procurement Officer at TalkTalk and has been with the company since 2019. Before that, he gained extensive experience in HR at a number of organisations including Shell, Manpower, FNZ, Xchanging and BDO. He’s worked in Private Equity as both an adviser and within portfolio companies for General Atlantic, JC Flowers and Bain Capital. He currently sits on the Board of Trustees at Lowry Arts Centre and is Chairman Remuneration Committee at YouView TV Limited as well as the Chairman of Employment Board at HMP (His Majesty’s Prison service).

We are also joined by Rob Bray. Having worked in HR for 20+ years, including for some of the world’s best known consumer brands, most recently as Chief People Officer for Nandos in UK&I, A member of the board of directors at Nando’s, Rob led the people and social impact strategy across their UK& I restaurants and head office for more than 22k people.  Since he joined Nando’s, they have been regularly voted one of the best places to work in the private sector and the number one employer in the hospitality industry. Rob is hugely passionate about growing people and organisations, and has a particular interest in inclusion and environment, as well as youth employment.

Daniel, Rob, thank you so much for sharing your insights and speaking to us about this topic.

Social mobility podcast with Rob Bray, Daniel Kasmir and Olivia Sharp