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Charlotte Valeur: Inclusivity Matters – Neurodiversity – Eton Bridge Partners Series

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Episode 4: Charlotte Valeur

An introduction to Neurodiversity with FTSE Chair and founder of the Institute of Neurodiversity, Charlotte Valeur.


Neurodiversity is the concept that all humans vary in terms of their neurocognitive ability. Everyone has both talents and things they struggle with. However, for some people, the variation between those strengths and challenges is more pronounced.

Perhaps it is not enough to simply accept these differences where instead, we could be doing more to celebrate these cognitive differences to truly harness the power of neurodiversity in the workplace.

Charlotte Valeur joins Josh Emerson, Associate Partner in Eton Bridge Partners’ Digital & Technology practice, for this episode talking about her own experience of being diagnosed with autism and ADHD as an adult, whilst working within Non-Executive Director and FTSE Chair roles, and more about launching the Institute of Neurodiversity (ION) in 2021 to give a voice to all neurodiverse individuals and campaign for inclusion.

Charlotte is a former merchant banker, corporate governance expert, and a former chair of the UK’s Institute of Directors. She has chaired three international companies and has non-executive directorships at private and public companies.

Since being diagnosed with autism in later life – Charlotte has been called “a boardroom diversity champion” for all of the awareness and support she has provided for neurodiverse community.