The secrets of leading the people side of change

Episode 1: The secrets of leading the people side of change

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The secrets of leading the people side of change with Mark Bond & Sarah Scannella

Welcome to the very first episode of a new podcast series for Eton Bridge Partners, exploring the secrets behind successfully navigating leading the people side of significant change with Sarah Scannella, Partner within the Human Resources Search Practice at Eton Bridge Partners.

As an executive search, interim management and consulting firm, we very much put people at the heart of business, taking great care to build trusted long-term relationships with clients, candidates and our employees alike. Our passion for people means we are very fortunate to be able to work alongside some of the most inspiring business leaders who bring unique perspectives on the world of work. This presents us with a great opportunity to share their insights and learnings, to contribute to making the world of work even more human.

In this podcast series, I’ll be chatting to a number of senior leaders from many walks of life who will be sharing the real secrets to successfully navigating big change and how they led the people side of it.

Leading people through a business change is a multifaceted task that involves strategic planning, effective communication, and adept leadership, ensuring each person within the organisation is taken on the journey.

We will be exploring this topic from different perspectives, taking into account the best thinking from business, psychology, coaching and leadership. With change and transformation now being the norm in our operating environments, it’s critical for organisations to rethink their change capabilities and more importantly, how they best need the human and emotional side of change.

In this episode we are talking to Mark Bond. Mark is Group Chair, Mentor and Coach at Vistage and was previously Board Director at Vodafone UK as well as being the CEO of a number of SME companies.

Mark Bond & Sarah Scannella at Eton Bridge Partners