Tackling Loneliness: How organisations can create belonging and inclusion

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Every year Eton Bridge Partners bring together an expert panel with a diverse range of experiences and perspectives to discuss mental wellbeing in the workplace, and its influence on organisational performance.

This year was the sixth in our series of our annual events and coincided with Mental Health Awareness Week driven by The Mental Health Foundation, whose key topic this year is tackling the epidemic of ‘loneliness.’ According to the Mental Health Foundation’s research, loneliness affects millions of people in the UK every year, is a key driver of poor mental health and has been exacerbated by the Covid pandemic.

It’s more important than ever for senior leaders and organisations to prioritise employee wellbeing. The continuous change which we’re all living through, ‘the Great Resignation’ and the war for talent have all raised the profile of employee wellbeing across any business. As such, the insights from this paper are relevant for everyone – not just HR professionals.

Taking place on Tuesday 10th May at the RSA in London, our fantastic panel explored how employers can help tackle loneliness, keep people connected, and foster a sense of belonging and inclusion in the workplace.

Watch the full event here