Street Child United event - children from a variety countries with their flags, representing their countries

Journey to Doha: Eton Bridge Partners are proud to sponsor Street Child United

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Since 2019, Eton Bridge Partners are proud to have sponsored the inspirational charity Street Child United (SCU) whose purpose is to change negative perceptions about street children around the world and bring them together through sport. Our involvement with this charity came about through one of our key clients, ISP (International Schools Partnership), which has sponsored the charity for many years.

This year, we are delighted to be an official partner of their flagship event Street Child Football World Cup taking place in Doha one month before the FIFA World Cup. The event brings together 28 teams from 25 countries – it will focus on the message that Access to Education is a fundamental human right.

As part of our sponsorship, we’re running a year of activities to support the project as well as having two volunteers going out to Doha to support on the ground across the two-week event in October.

For over 10 years, SCU has been organising sporting events coinciding with major sporting occasions, such as the FIFA World Cup, the ICC Cricket World Cup and the Olympics. The events put a global spotlight on children living in street situations through worldwide media coverage. They encourage countries, communities, and governments around the world to listen and act, specifically aiming to reach country leaders who can affect legislation to make change happen.

Steve Deverill, Managing Partner at Eton Bridge Partners commented:

The team at Eton Bridge are very excited to be supporting this initiative. We are hugely inspired by Street Child United and the work they do supporting underrepresented children. It’s impressive to see how, using the power of sport, SCU are shifting negative perceptions and creating positive change.

John Wroe, Street Child United’s founder and CEO replied:

The partnership with Eton Bridge is paramount to us doing what we do and we are extremely grateful for their ongoing support.

The impact SCU has already had on street-connected children has been life-changing.

  • 2010 – Street Child United Football World Cup in Durban – stops round-ups of street-connected young people in the country
  • 2014 – Street Child United Football World Cup in Rio – Team Pakistan are greeted by 7000 people on their return to Karachi and the Pakistan Government conduct the first-ever census of street children and the Brazilian government invites SCU partner, NGO, to participate in the first national summit on street-connected children
  • 2016 – Street Child United Games in Rio – sporting event Rio Resolution is created – young people’s message from the Games is delivered to the UN and inputs into the General Comment on the Children in Street Situations
  • 2017 – The UN publishes its General Comment on children in street situations while using the inputs given by young people who participated in Street Child World Cups
  • 2018 – Street Child United Football World Cup in Moscow – Through the event, seven teams have taken their campaigns to their Presidents or Prime Ministers
  • 2019 – The Bangladeshi High Commission in London met team Bangladesh and promised to deliver their voice/demands to the President and Team England Captain, Jasmin, featured in BBC’s 100 most inspiring and influential women

We too have values, beliefs, morals, and principles. We will be listened to.

Street Child Games Rio 2016 Rio Resolution


Street Child United World Cup Doha 2022 – #Iamsomebody

The Street Child World Cup Doha 2022 will be the fourth Street Child football World Cup and will focus on Access to Education.

We are excited to be sending two volunteers from within the business to join the Street Child World Cup organising team in Doha this October. Zoe Legg and Eloise Phillips will join the wonderful team of volunteers for the ten-day event. The tournament will bring together 26 teams representing 22 countries from across the world, to take part in a football tournament, a festival of arts and to advocate for their rights and protection through a child-focused Congress and General Assembly.

I know this will be a life-changing opportunity and I’m so grateful to be involved in supporting children much less fortunate, and hopefully be able to change their life in some way too! It will be a privilege to join the street-connected children, learning from them and other cultures.

Zoe Legg, Senior Marketing Executive, and excited volunteer

I was thrilled when I was given the opportunity to be a part of such a powerful movement where the game of football is used to fight for children’s rights. I am so grateful to be selected to represent Eton Bridge Partners as part of the Street Child United initiative. I cannot wait to see what October brings!

Eloise Phillips, Executive Assistant CFO & Finance Practice and also an excited volunteer!

The Street Child United World Cup Doha 2022 will create a platform for all of our participating teams to speak about the issues and challenges that are most relevant to them and how governments, businesses and communities can support street-connected young people to contribute to 5 particular Sustainable Development Goals:

  • Quality education
  • Gender equality
  • Reduced inequality
  • Peace, justice and strong institutions
  • Partnerships to achieve the goals

However, with Qatar’s clear focus on, and investment in, the education sector (Pillar One of the Qatar National Vision 2030), the SCWC 2022 will highlight access to education as a key demand of our young people.

Background to Street Child United

Street Child United is working towards a world where every child can access their rights, no matter their background. Their four maingoals are:

  • Birth registration
  • Access to education
  • Protection from violence
  • Gender equality

Together, with a team of international organisations, volunteers and supporters, corporate partners and sponsors, influencers and experts, producers and collaborators, faith groups and football clubs, media and artists, schools and clubs, working together, Street Child United aims to change the way the world sees and treats street-connected children everywhere. Find out more about Street Child United here.