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A step towards giving: EBP charity walk in Windsor

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On Friday 22nd September 2023, Eton Bridge Partners organised their 3rd charity walk in Windsor that brought us together for a fun and rewarding experience. We had one simple goal: to complete a 20-mile walk to raise funds for an amazing cause: Street Child United (SCU).

On the day of the event, the atmosphere was filled with anticipation and team spirit. Colleagues from all teams joined forces, ready to tackle the challenge ahead. As we set off on our 20-mile journey, the beautiful Windsor scenery served as a picturesque backdrop. We all met at our Windsor office, walked along the Jubilee Way, back down the River Thames, and then into Windsor Great Park with the iconic Long Walk & Windsor Castle being in our sights as we approached the end.

Throughout the walk, conversations flowed, stories were shared, and bonds were strengthened. The event was not only a physical test, but also an opportunity to connect with colleagues on a different level.

EBP Charity walk, with dogs

With each step we took, we were contributing to a meaningful cause. By the end of the day, we had collectively raised £5,000 for SCU, which was a significant achievement and a testament to our team’s dedication.

Two of our colleagues were facing the reality of our efforts as they were in Chennai, volunteering with Street Child United. They certainly kept the relevance and importance of the day alive for us, sending us photos of their experiences as they supported Street Communities compete in a children’s Cricket World Cup.

EBP Charity walk, supporting Tamara and Wasim at SCU Cricket World Cup

As Tamara and Wasim supported local communities with the provision of care, compassion and activities, we invited parents, partners, friends and even dogs to join us and support Chennai from afar. A handful of those colleagues had only joined EBP that prior Monday – this was a true baptism of fire and very much engulfed them into the Eton Bridge collaborative and refreshingly human spirit.

Thoroughly enjoyed the Street Child United charity walk. It was great to do something to raise money for a fabulous charity and as a newcomer to Eton Bridge, a fantastic opportunity to get to know the team who have all been incredibly welcoming.

David Taylor, Associate Partner

We also had a wonderful support team in the shape of Eton Bridge colleagues, and kept us very well-watered, fed, and boosted with sugar! Thank you to the Handmade Cake Company for their generous donations keeping us energised during the day, and the support team for arranging Pizzas and Prosecco for our return to the office terrace!

EBP Charity walk, supporters

The team enjoyed many laughs and snacks, despite the blisters and it was indeed a memorable day demonstrating how we can make a positive impact when we come together. It was a day of accomplishment, teamwork, and charitable giving, and it reinforced the values that our company holds dear.

At the end of the day, our charity walk was not just a walk; it was an event that showcased our commitment to making a difference. We are so proud of our team’s efforts and look forward to continuing our charitable endeavours in the future. Roll on 2025 in London!


More about Street Child United…

Since 2019, Eton Bridge Partners are proud to sponsor Street Child United (SCU) through our relationship with International Schools Partnership (ISP). Street Child United is working towards a world where every child can access their rights, no matter their background.

SCU’s goal is to inspire a brighter, safer future for street-connected children everywhere. To achieve this, they use the power of sport to provide a global platform for street-connected children to be heard, so that they can receive the protection, support and have opportunities which every child is entitled.

The impact SCU has already had on street-connected children has been life-changing.

Find out more about Street Child United and how you can support them here:

Get Involved – Street Child United, UK

EBP and SCU team, hands in with the middle with wrist bands