CFO appointments, under the microscope

Reading Time: 2 minutes The level of attention on the role of Chief Financial Officer has never been higher. The seismic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has profound implications for the current and future economic health of businesses in the UK and beyond. Subsequently, the financial performance and decision-making of companies has come under unprecedented scrutiny. Make no mistake, […]

What does it take to land a CFO appointment? – Annual CFO Pathways Report 2022 Edition

Reading Time: 2 minutes How can I land a CFO appointment? The world of executive search can appear vague and secretive. To those on the outside, decisions are taken on who to contact, who to meet, and ultimately who to hire can appear clouded in mystery. Why is the sector so important? Does Private Equity experience really matter? Are […]

Chief People Officer: in the spotlight

Reading Time: 4 minutes Undoubtedly, the pandemic has focused attention on the People agenda, and the approach to people management, leadership and conduct is under the microscope across industry, from start-up, to multinational, in both private and public sector and, most recently of course, in government. In 2020, many HR practitioners found themselves working in new ways to answer […]