Charlotte Fazekas (née Hammond)

Associate Partner, Interim Management, Human Resources Practice

+44 (0)20 8059 4443 [email protected]
Charlotte Fazekas (née Hammond)

Meet Charlotte

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Charlotte is an Associate Partner within the HR practice. Through networking with (and ultimately placing) senior professionals, she enjoys the challenge of keeping up with the ever-evolving world of HR; as businesses shift and transform, so too does the role of a HR leader.

Drawing on her degree and personal interest in Psychology, Charlotte is passionate about understanding the behaviours that create and drive first-class Reward functions, matching these skills to the needs and challenges of our clients and keeping an eye out for the top talent of tomorrow.

Charlotte’s positive, authentic and committed approach enables her to build strong relationships with both candidates and clients alike. Outside of work she enjoys all things sci-fi and fantasy (whether books, films or video games) and spending quality time with her family on the Isle of Wight.

Joined the EBP team in 2018

Childhood aspirations

Growing up I was massively influenced by my grandparents’ love of Egypt and wanted to be an archaeologist.

If I could interview anyone

it would be Queen Elizabeth I. One of those most significant females in British history and nobody really knows much about her as a person. It would also be amazing to hear more about life in the 1500s!